Augusta’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offering can deliver automated and improved business processes required to make your organisation more effective, and increase capacity in your teams.

We will assess your needs and match your requirements with technology that suits your purposes. Our RPA solution is built to realise benefits for you, fast.

Why Robotic Process Automation?

The benefits of RPA solutions go beyond cost reduction and include

  • Decreased cycle times and improved throughput
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Improved accuracy
  • Improved employee morale – enables them to add more value
  • Allows time to innovate and focus on customer satisfaction
  • Detailed data capture

AUGUSTA'S RPA Robotic Process Automation BUSINESS VALUE

What is Robotic Process Automation?

As the push to go increasingly digital and do more with available resources intensifies, the need for companies to empower their workers through technology increases.

RPA is at the forefront of human-computer technology and provides players in the financial services industry with a virtual workforce that is ruled based and is set up to connect with your company’s systems in the same way as your existing users. With robotics, you automate and build an automation platform for you front office, back office and support functions.

Augusta’s Robotic Process Automation Approach

Augusta’s Robotic Process Automation

  • Higher Efficiency

    RPA bring reduced cycle time and enhanced productivity and its ability to work 24/7

  • Advanced Analytics

    With RPA making gathering and organizing data easier, you can predict future outcomes and optimize processes .

  • Greater Performance and Quality

    Robots work consistently and tirelessly, and ensure greater accuracy resulting in high quality output

  • Lower Cost

    To replace a full-time employee with a software (RPA) can bring about 25-50% cost savings .

Most Comprehensive Augusta’s Platform

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  • Cognitive

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  • Smart Analytics

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The benefits of RPA’s are


Augusta’s Robotic Process Automation Checklist

  • The process should be rule based and not depend on human judgement
  • The process should be initiated by a digital trigger and be supported by digital data.
  • The process should be functioning and stabile
  • The bigger the volume of executions of the process the better
  • For a Proof of Concept project it is key that the process leverages the key systems of the company

Our agnostic solutions are configured to seamlessly integrate with your unique operations and underlying technology. We have expertise in implementing automation processes and harmonizing legacy technologies into a responsive digital backbone.

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