Our Software Engineering Process

We start with idea generation and brainstorm an idea, After that will do the market research and product scope.

We create a Product Requirement Document PRD, followed by a Software Requirements Solutions document SRS by the product manager and business analysis.

Our UI/UX team designs the users experience, simultaneously our data architects, api team, and infrastructure team starts. Our application engineers will create the product. Testing, QA and Deployment. Finally we will launch the product.

Software Engineereing Process

Software Engineering Best Practices and Industry Standards

All development, engineer, design and QA team members are continuously trained on Augusta and industry best practices.

Software Engineering Best Practices

Streamlined Software Project Management

Augusta employs a state of the art web and mobile based project management system that helps us streamline collaboration. The system brings our development, design, QA and project management teams together on a common platform with the client.


  • Capture

  • Determine Issue type & priority and Register in Backlog

  • Examine

  • Assess impact on project objectives/Business case & risk involved

  • Propose

  • Identify possible options & evaluate the same to recommend

  • Decide

  • Approve, Reject, Defer & escalate if needed

  • Implement

  • Take Corrective action & update records & plans

DevOps in Software Development

Augusta’s DevOps enforces communication, collaboration, integration and automation to remove bottlenecks in software development and ensures agile delivery for software-driven innovation.

Detailed technical documentation

The Augusta project management team will create detailed documents to scope out and capture the exact technical requirements of the client.


Our expert UI/UX designers work to turn your ideas into reality

The Augusta design team will create a detailed functional prototype.

  • Created from the documented SOW/BRD, SRS, Whiteboards and Mind mapping.
  • Analyze and create the user experience.
  • Low fidelity black and white prototype of the user experience.
  • Client can review prototype on their mobile devices.
  • Client can review any web assets around application.
  • Prototype sign off by customer will kick off the sprints of product development.
  • Quality and Assurance team start building UAT testing for testing automation, security testing coding compliance, UX testing and performance.


Augusta has a specific development process

  • Kick off meeting created by Director of Product Management with Team Leads.
  • Design kick off with Boca Raton UI/UX Team.
  • Client will review design and on sign off; development team will integrate portions of the design associated with corresponding sprints.
  • Sprints are available in project management software called Zoho
  • Client will have access to each finalized sprint to test product with completed functionality associated with the corresponding sprint.
  • Client will have access to project management portal and will receive reports on project status.
  • Each sprint will go through developer UAT testing and Quality Assurance testing


We are cloud infrastructure experts

Once complete, the Augusta expert team of engineers will deploy the application or software to the ideal cloud infrastructure solution.

  • Augusta will present multiple hardware stack options to client based on their specific requirements.
  • Augusta will create hardware stack upon vendor selection.

Augusta will deploy the application on to the infrastructure and test application to meet our standard requirements implemented for performance, security and scalability.

Software Deployment