Augusta's BI and Data Analytics Services

Augusta offers a superior approach towards empowering your data for the future. We recognize that your enterprise data already has tremendous value; the key is in understanding how to maximize its potential to best meet your long-term business goals. Alone or boosted with Augusta, implementing a robust enterprise data strategy plan can help your business steadily grow its knowledge-base, increase its market share, and ensure its competitive relevance in the increasingly data-centric marketplace.

Augusta BI Analytics Capability

Dashboards and Apps

  • Relevant for Executive Leadership

  • Deliver engaging information to users as needed

  • Track key performance indicators and summary data

  • Build state-of-art custom user experiences

Agile Visualization

  • Relevant for Operations Management

  • Ascertain the trends, outliers and predict future outcomes

  • Combine, manipulate, and enrich data without scripting

  • Build engaging self-service visualizations and analytics


  • Relevant for Individual Users

  • Securely distribute information across organization

  • Printable reports for operational efficiency

  • Answer related queries by interacting with pre-defined reports

Augusta BI Services

Data Services

Advanced Data Services

Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence Services

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