Augusta HiTech’s Pharmacy Blockchain Solution Save Lives and Up to $317 Billion Yearly in the U.S. Background Image

Augusta HiTech’s Pharmacy Blockchain Solution Save Lives and Up to $317 Billion Yearly in the U.S.

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Published Mon March 18, 2019, 12:00 AM EDT

Augusta HiTech, experts in blockchain technology solutions, today announces the launch of ScriptAssist Pharmacy® (SAPh), the first pharmacy blockchain solution in the U.S. designed to assist patients whose lives depend on strict medication compliance and sophisticated drug regimens.

SAPh is a full-service, online and retail pharmacy and comprehensive medication management platform providing patients and their caregivers with medication compliance tools easily accessible through their delivery methodology – a comprehensive mobile app and a cloud-based patient portal.

Medical Mismanagement is a Growing Problem

Medication mismanagement is a severe problem in the U.S. Each year it costs the healthcare system more than $317 billion and results in the death of tens of thousands of people. Also, the millions of additional patients who are critically affected each year.

SAPh was designed to provide patients with the safest and most convenient way of managing medical prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements through pre-packed and managed doses delivered directly to the patient’s home.

“Our blockchain solution for ScriptAssist Pharmacy is designed to focus on value-based patient care and has the potential to impact lives and dollars saved,” says Sean Caputo, chief strategy officer at Augusta HiTech.

Caputo says studies show increasing medication adherence by just 50 percent can save as many as 80,000 lives in the U.S. each year while reducing annual healthcare costs by more than $145 billion.

Prescription Fulfillment

MyScriptPack distributes pre-dosed customized medication packs directly to their patient’s home. Each is marked with the patient’s name, date, day, time of the dose, and includes a list of all medications contained.

Blockchain App

Augusta HiTech developed an easy-to-use, comprehensive patient portal and mobile app which sends HIPPA-compliant reminders and alerts to patients, and their caregivers when it’s time for them to take their medication.

The app provides a complete medication history and a direct line to SAPh customer care and pharmacy staff. The app is also compatible with Apple and Android Wearables.

Schedule II Controlled Substances

SAPh provides responsible, accountable and secured fulfillment of Schedule II controlled substance through secure transactional platforms.

Through the use of blockchain technology, SAPh has the potential to revolutionize the pharmacy industry by recording exchanges and transactions in a database for distributing and sharing across an authorized network of users.

The Accountability Dashboard™ provides primary care doctors and pharmacists with a transparent view of all prescription transactions, with a focus on controlled substances, to ensure greater accountability.

“The accountability dashboard was created with a specific focus on controlled substances to create accountability, prevent doctor shopping and put an end to the opioid epidemic,” says Caputo.

Information available over the blockchain network is shared with authorized providers over a validation-based exchange, in a secure and standardized way, ensuring automatic verification of claims, and making transactional history available for viewing by all providers on the network.

ScriptAssist Launches in Southern Florida

SAPh launched its first regional operation in southern Florida.

“We’re thrilled with Augusta HiTech’s blockchain development for ScriptAssist Pharmacy and are excited to bring a medication management solution to southern Florida for the thousands of patients depending on strict medication adherence,” says Jason Owens, president, and managing director at ScriptAssist Pharmacy. “ScriptAssist has significant potential to create greater accountability for prescription transactions and offers a positive solution for the opioid crisis.”

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