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Steve Harvey World Group Taps Augusta HiTech to Create Their New Digital Transformation Platform

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Published Fri January 5, 2018, 12:00 AM EST

Media mogul, Steve Harvey contacted Augusta HiTech to consult with their Innovation Team for Steve Harvey World Group (SHWG), media conglomerate. Augusta created a new digital transformation platform for SHWG utilizing Smart Engagement’s SE Cloud technology. This innovative platform will integrate all of SHWG companies providing them with business intelligence through real time data-driven insights and will enhance the digital experience for millions of their followers. SE Cloud will enable fans to have the ability to customize their interests, likes, and preferences while enhancing their engagement and experience. Through cloud services and infrastructure, Augusta will bring SHWG’s new digital platform to market faster with a catalog of development tools, API’s and enterprise-level architecture.

“This new digital experience, coupled with smart engagement and a newly centralized database, will give SHWG complete ownership of the digital experience so that we can enhance it in real time, which is key in today’s experience and expectation economies,” said Amilya Antonetti, SHWG, Chief Digital Strategist.

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