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Energize your audience and your revenue opportunities by partnering with Augusta HiTech. We are creating the technology your audience is looking for… AH Hyperledger Blockchain, AI, IoT and much more.

AH Solution Partner

Inject the merging technology you need to grow your software development business. Partnering with Augusta HiTech will give you the confidence to bring more value to your customers and expand your business.

AH Premier Partner

Collaborating with Augusta HiTech to create Customized Software Solutions to resell to your business clients. AH Premier Partnership is for Mid Cap to Enterprise Businesses needing to leverage their clients to drive more revenue.

“Augusta HiTech has enabled me to not only learn more about emerging technologies but how they can impact my customers needs. Too many companies captured me with Buzzwords, but Augusta HiTech actually builds and uses the technologies I am selling to my clients.” Nick Tono

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Why Partner with Augusta HiTech?

Our technology offerings are on every CIO’s white board, Venture Capitalist Radar, and Tech Startup’s Executive Summary.

Build Your Audience

We will empower you to drive value for your customers. Augusta HiTech can play an advisory role, technology lead, innovation consultant, or partner around emerging technologies.


Augusta HiTech has vast expertise in building products and providing solutions for Enterprise clients. Enterprise clients are driven by solutions and use cases. We can help build value to your clients.


Mid-Cap is one of the hottest spaces. They embrace emerging technologies because they do not want to be leap frogged by a Startup and they have the ability to be agile to meet their customers demands.


There is more to a Startup than an Idea… We take ideas through our Innovation as a Service and create amazing products to take to market. Leverage our Emerging Tech and Business Expertise to stay infront of your competition.


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