Core Values:

Individual & AH Team - Our individual people are our strongest asset and can reach excellence only when working together as a team, with strong communication, mutual respect, collaboration and improving together for our individual and customers success.

We are a family, always love the challenge and seek continuous improvement together, daily, for the success of our organization.

Passion & Excellence - For us passion means “we love what we do”. Through passion, we strive to expand individual and customer potential. We pay attention to detail, working with enthusiasm to reach our ambitious objectives, and continuously working to guarantee utmost client satisfaction.

To drive excellence we strive to surpass expectations.

Innovation - Our open-mindedness, risk-taking, and global perspective drive our ability to craft solutions with bleeding edge technology. We are always searching for the next technology that will drive value to our customers.

Our tradition is INNOVATION.

We Care About A Sustainable Future - We aspire to give our future generations a better world and do that by leading a sustainable life in the local community where we live and work.

Our Vision

is to become the most socially impactful and innovative technology company in the Universe.

Our mission

is to redefine our customers journey to success. We do this by understanding our customer's core business, and by applying emerging technologies to expand the customers potential.

Augusta HiTech creates socially responsible products to positively impact the Universe

Everything Starts with our Customers - We do our very best to understand our customers’ needs and to exceed their expectations, wherever they are each and every day.